Wheater it's true or not - you're going to pay!

Ralph Böttcher had to pay more than 165,000.00 € privately for the 11-year-long court case until the charges were dropped. 60 days of trial and 10 days in custody included. This makes him just one of many!

Correctly understood: The costs are not deductible and will be paid by you personally. If the authorities investigate, they will not hold the legal entity, i.e. the company, responsible. It directly affects the company manager and the responsible employees!

Secure yourself!

It could affect anyone. And from 500 € A YEAR you can protect yourself from the damage that can threaten an entire existence. 

All that has to happen is to be reported. Justified or not. It is not a question of true or untrue. In Germany, anyone can be reported and the costs will be incurred automatically.

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With M§Protection Team
- Protection in criminal proceedings

Sie sichern die Zukunft Ihres Unternehmens, wir managen Ihre Krisen.

Protection from injustice

You protect not only yourself, but also your company and your employees from the horrendous costs of criminal proceedings in a wide variety of suspicious cases and secure your liquidity.

Stay prepared for the market!

Secure partnership

You will have a partner who will go through your business areas with you and advise you optimally on the possible risks. You will be advised professionally and you do not have to worry about anything.

Let us insure you against this now!

First hand information

Through the years of experience of Ralph Böttcher and Michael Siewers you will receive first-hand information. The aim of M§Protection is to save you from this fate.

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